Saturday, April 30, 2011

Longoria's at-bat log

Evan Longoria's Saturday at-bats, to be updated.

First at-bat, first inning: 89 mph foul, 81 offspeed called strike, 90 mph high, 80 curve barely high, 90 mph fouled to the screen, 90 mph high and away, 89 outside for a walk.
Second, second inning: 79 curve low, NA fastball low, 89 called strike, 82 bouncer up the middle 4-3.
Third, fourth inning: 88 low, 87 fouled straight back, 90 called strike on inside corner, NA fastball away, 77 curve stayed high barely, 90 at knees for home run.
Fourth (and probably last), sixth inning: called strike, 77 mph outside, 74 curve called strike, 81 grounder to third, 5-3.

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