Friday, April 29, 2011

Longoria's at-bat log

Evan Longoria's Friday at-bats, to be updated.

First at-bat, first inning: 87 mph called strike, 88 ball inside, 88 long foul to right, 70 curveball for called K.
Second, second inning: called strike, bad swing on curve, bad swing on curve for K.
Third, fourth inning: 84 mph swing and miss, 88 mph swing and miss, (I bet the curve is on its way), 88 mph high (OK, how 'bout now?), 89 low and away (now??), 68 curve fouled past third, 90 flyout to right.
Fourth (and likely last), sixth inning: 83 inside, 85 line single to right.

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