Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Tampa Bay minor-league award guesses

I finally had some time to finish my guesses on who will win Tampa Bay's minor-league organizational awards. The Rays pick an overall pitcher and position player of the year and name a pitcher and position player from each affiliate. The overall winner will not also win a team award.

I had about half done a few days ago, but football tends to get in the way of a lot of things this time of year. The Rays also named winners from their Dominican and Venezuelan teams. I won't venture a guess on those.

Overall: Darin Downs
Durham: Winston Abreu*
Montgomery: Jeremy Hellickson
Charlotte: Jeremy Hall
Bowling Green: Matt Moore
Hudson Valley: Alex Colome
Princeton: Joey Dettrich
GCL: Jacob Partridge

Overall: Desmond Jennings
Durham: Jon Weber
Montgomery: Chris Nowak
Charlotte: Cody Cipriano
Bowling Green: K.D. Kang
Hudson Valley: Tyler Bortnick
Princeton: Ryan Wiegand
GCL: Gerardo Olivares

*--Durham said Abreu was its pitcher of the year last week.

If Hellickson wins the overall (and he may), I'd say Aneury Rodriguez gets the Montgomery award based on how well he was the last few months. I'd say Paul Phillips is close behind, though. Then, Florida State League ERA champ Downs takes Charlotte and pushes out Hall.

As always, feel free to tell me where I'm wrong. Just do it before the Rays announce the winners. (Ah, college football fans. They tell you after the game that they knew you were wrong. Heck, it's easy to do afterward. Tell me before the game.)

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