Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sight unseen: 13 players yet to be viewed this week

The Rays made a list and I've checked it twice, but there are 13 minor league players I've yet to see in uniform this week.

Obviously, I could just be missing them, which is why there are so many pitchers listed below. Or they're hurt.

Also, they're lower-level guys, which means chances are I wouldn't recognize their faces. With the cold, many players are wearing jackets and those cover their uniform number and name. (There's one player wearing No. 87 without a name on his jersey.)

Pitchers -- Jeff Ames, Kevin Brandt, Isaac Gil, Jordan Harrison, Brandon Henderson, Jorge Rodriguez, Wilking Rodriguez, Trevor Shull, Eliazer Suero, Jon Weaver
Infielders -- Brandon Martin, Juniel Querecuto
Outfielder -- Jiminson Natera

Update: Make that 12. I've seen Natera now.
Further update: It's down to four.

I've been told that the nameless No. 87 is freshly acquired catcher Curt Casali.

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