Monday, March 25, 2013

Vettleson, Glaesmann working with Double-A group

Here's who I saw on each field during this morning's minor league workout. At this point, it's rare for a player to move up from one work list to play with a higher-level team, and players regularly move down.

Biggest surprises to me would be about half of the Double-A position players. Outfielders Drew Vettleson and Todd Glaesmann and infielders Ryan Brett and Cameron Seitzer aren't expected to break camp for Montgomery.

These lists are obviously incomplete, and I'll update it with whatever I see later today, and unofficial.

Pitchers: Archer, Barnese, Buschmann, Colome, Cruz, De La Rosa, De Los Santos, Inman, Liberatore, Lueke, Odorizzi, Paduch, Sandoval, Schenk, Torres, Yates
Catchers: Acosta, Chirinos, Vogt
Infielders: Anderson, Beckham, Belnome, Figueroa, Lee, O'Malley, Sexton, Sheridan
Outfielders: Kang, Morrison, Myers, Thompson

Pitchers: Bellatti, Floethe, Garcia, Mateo, Kelly, Lara, Linsky, Nevarez, Patterson, Quate, Romero, Suarez, Suero
Catchers: Segovia, Thomas
Infielders: Brett, Estrada, Guevara, Hager, Price, Seitzer
Outfielders: Glaesmann, Kiermaier, Mahtook, Nommensen, Tinoco, Vettleson

Pitchers: Crawford, Garton, Gomez, Jensen, Jones, McEachern, Molina, Sawyer, Spann
Catchers: Bailey, Castillo, Depew
Infielders: Coyle, Goeddel, Malm, Reginatto, Shaffer
Outfielders: Carter, Epperson, Gantt, Rickard, Sale

Pitchers: Finneran, Keudell, Moshier, Wilson
Catchers: O'Conner, Maile, Rowan
Infielders: Dunn, George, Kline, Leonard, Redman
Outfielders: Eierman

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