Friday, June 15, 2012

Players left after Renegades announced

At the end of spring training, a sizeable group disappears and becomes shrouded in the purgatory known as extended spring training. They stay out for another 2 1/2 months, until now when many jump onto a short-season team's roster.

Those destined for Hudson Valley's opening day roster were announced Thursday. A few others had already escaped to Bowling Green or Charlotte. But there are 13 more who were on the final minor league spring training roster whose status we eagerly await to learn. (These guys should make up the bulk of Princeton's roster, though some could go to the GCL, be hurt or be released.)

Right-handed pitchers
Dan Bream (2011 draft, 33rd round)
Zach Butler ('11, 34)
Jacob Faria ('11, 10)
Isaac Gil ('11, 31)
Matt Ramsey ('11, 19)
Garrett Smith ('11, 20)
Left-handed pitchers
Blake Snell ('11, s1)
Ian Tomkins ('11, 50)
John Alexander ('11, 8)
Johnny Eierman ('11, 3)
Brandon Martin ('11, s1)
Graden Goetzman ('11, 2)
James Harris Jr. ('11, s1)

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