Friday, June 15, 2012

Your 2012 Princeton Rays

Catcher Oscar Hernandez, who won the Triple Crown in the Venezuelan Summer League last year, makes his U.S. debut as an 18-year-old with the Princeton Rays.

Kevin Brandt (2012 draft, 18th round)
Dan Bream ('11, 33)
Zach Butler ('11, 34)
R.J. Davis ('12, 20)
Hugo Duarte (February '07, international free agent)
Eli Echarry (July '08, international free agent)
Jacob Faria ('11, 10)
Willie Gabay ('12, 15)
Joan Guerrero (July '07, international free agent)
Kevin James ('09, 9)
Pedro Silvestre (November '08, international free agent)
Garret Smith* ('11, 20)
Blake Snell ('11, s1)
Bruedlin Suero (November '07, international free agent)
Matt Swilley* ('09, 21)
Jon Weaver ('12, 21)

Oscar Hernandez (August '09, international free agent)
Omar Narvaez (July '08, international free agent)

John Alexander ('11, 8)
Daniel Duran ('12, 24)
Darryl George (May '10, international free agent)
Brandon Martin ('11, s1)
Julian Morillo (August '08, international free agent)
Reid Redman ('12, 23)
Ariel Soriano (March '09, international free agent)

Ismel Antunez (March '09, international free agent)
Willie Argo ('12, 22)
Granden Goetzman ('11, 2)
James Harris Jr. ('11, s1)

*--Rehabbing in Port Charlotte.

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socomfy said...

so we will see these guys in like, four years? Hardly waiting for the cavalry to arrive!

This half should have been way easier to take, its insulting to see a good team fall short when there is obvious help available.

Its not like we are taking away from the StoneCrabs pennant push. 27wins 37losses, ouch!

Why are we waiting on Riefenhauser 73k in 57ip? Promote that kid!

where is the AA bus ticket for Enny Romero, who has only allowed one homer in 12 starts?

Why is montgomery in need of bullpen help when chris rearick is mowing down single-A hitters at better than 12per nine innings?

They could at least send Jim patterson back to us! lol