Thursday, December 13, 2007

One Alabamian, plenty of former Rays in report

Hartselle native Steve Woodard and at least seven former Tampa Bay Rays were among those mentioned in the Mitchell report.

Woodard is listed on page 305 of the 409-page PDF (actual page number is 257). Former Tampa Bay players Tim Laker (PDF page 207), Denny Neagle (235), Adam Piatt (247), Jim Parque (271) and the infamous John Rocker (302) are also in there. Jose Guillen is mentioned -- forgot he played with Tampa Bay.

Of course, there's plenty of Jose Canseco, who is talking about writing a second book and selling movie rights. I heard that on an XM radio interview.

Here's what the report says of Woodard ...

In a September 7, 2007 article, the New York Daily News reported that Steve Woodard, a former pitcher who played with four different major league clubs over seven seasons ending in 2003 (the Milwaukee Brewers, Cleveland Indians, Texas Rangers, and Boston Red Sox), received a shipment of steroids and human growth hormone from The Health and Rejuvenation Center, the same Palm Beach Gardens anti-aging center that reportedly supplied St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Rick Ankiel. The article did not state when the shipment to Woodard allegedly occurred.

Neither I nor any member of my investigative staff had any prior knowledge of any allegation about Woodard.

Jack Cust is in there and why do I mention him? He had signed with the University of Alabama before he was drafted in 1997.

UPDATE: There are nine former Rays mentioned. I'll turn things over to the noted experts at the Tampa Tribune and St. Pete Times.


Bubba-36109 said...

When is the Coleman article coming out?

Stacy Long said...

It's written, but we're waiting on a slow news day.

Bubba-36109 said...

Tell your editors that every day that the Biscuits are not playing is slow day.