Saturday, December 01, 2007

Tuskegee-Virginia Union semi-LIVE blog

5:04 -- Little scrambles for a short gain. Ballgame. TUSKEGEE 58, VIRGINIA UNION 51, final.

5:04 -- Virginia Union recovers the onsides kick. One play left, 5.5 seconds to play.

5:01 -- Safety. Tuskegee's up 58-51 with 8.2 seconds left. Jarvis DeVaughn sacked the QB for a 13-yard loss to put it at the 6 and Jason Stanley picked up the 6-yard scraps for the safety.

4:58 -- Two-point conversion failed, but I'll repeat about that touchdown: Wow.

4:56 -- Touchdown, Tuskegee. Atkinson to English for a 57-yarder. Wow! There's 46-4 seconds left.

4:54 -- Tuskegee holding penalty on first down. Atkinson throws to Fitzhugh for a 10-yard gain and the Tigers take timeout with 57.2 seconds remaining. They have the ball at their own 43.

4:49 -- Touchdown, Virginia Union. Niles Rainey returns the fumble 50 yards for a touchdown. The all-important extra point ... GOOD. Virginia Union up 51-50 with 1:43 to play.
4:49 -- Fumble, Tuskegee's Atkinson.

4:48 -- Atkinson squirms out of pressure and finds English on the right sideline for a 9-yard gain.

4:47 -- Sack leaves Tuskegee facing a third-and-8 from the 37. Timeout, Virginia Union with 2:32 to play.

4:42 -- Touchdown, Virginia Union. Taylor catches a 22-yarder. Tuskegee's lead shrinks to 50-44 with 3:18 left.

4:35 -- Virginia Union recovers an onsides kick.
4:31 -- Touchdown, Virginia Union. Steven Miller 18 pass from Little. Extra point blocked. Tuskegee up 50-30 with 10:58 remaining.

4:06 -- Punt, Tuskegee.
4:01 -- Turnover, Virginia Union.
3:57 -- This shows you how this game is going. The scoreboard was a point off after each of the last two touchdowns ... and I didn't notice. Tuskegee is ahead 50-24. End of third quarter.

3:52 -- Touchdown, Tuskegee. Virginia Union fumbled away the kickoff and Tony Forney went 5 yards on the next snap. Tuskegee 49-24. Might have to check in on Troy-FAU now. Uh-oh. So much for my reservations at the J.W. Marriott on Canal Street.

3:49 -- Touchdown, Tuskegee. Fitzhugh 1 run. Tuskegee up 42-24 with 1:22 left in the third.

3:37 -- Touchdown, Virginia Union. Steven Miller 18 pass from Little. (The two hooked up for a 24-yard gain on the previous play to convert a third-and-16.) Tuskegee 36, Virginia Union 24, 5:54 left in the third.

3:30 -- Tuskegee punts.
3:32 -- Missed field goal, Virginia Union.

2:45 -- Halftime.

2:43 -- Touchdown, Tuskegee. Antoine Mitchell 19 pass from Atkinson. Tuskegee 36, Virginia Union 17, 32.2 seconds left in the half.

2:37 -- Turnover, Virginia Union. Jeremy Obie returns the interception 27 yards, VU commits a personal foul and Tuskegee takes over at the VU 43.

2:30 -- Touchdown, Tuskegee. Jonathan Lessa 27 pass from Atkinson. Tuskegee 29, Virginia Union 17, 2:54 left in the half.

2:26 -- Virginia Union three-and-out. Tuskegee takes over at the VU 49.

2:20 -- Touchdown, Tuskegee. Atkinson 1 run. (Mario Jackson returned the free kick after the safety 52 yards to the 19.)

2:13 -- Virginia Union three-and-out. High snap goes out of the end zone. Safety for Tuskegee. Virginia Union 17, Tuskegee 16, 7:28 left in the half.

2:11 -- Turnover, Tuskegee. Jacary Atkinson should have taken a sack and instead threw an interception.

2:08 -- Fumble, Virginia Union. Jarvis DeVaughn causes a fumble while making his second sack of the series. Tuskegee recovers at the 29.

2:02 -- Touchdown, Tuskegee. Fitzhugh 3 run. (TD set up by a 25-yard pass-interference penalty. Yes, a 25-yard penalty.) Virginia Union 17, Tuskegee 14.

1:55 -- Punt, Virginia Union. Tuskegee at the VU 25.

1:49 -- Touchdown, Tuskegee. Richard Fitzhugh 2 run. (Jason English had a nice 37-yard catch to put Tuskegee at the 4.) Virginia Union 17, Tuskegee 7, 13:29 left in the first half.

1:36 -- Field goal, Virginia Union. Gil Hernandez 21 FG. (Hampton did catch a 30-yard pass to get it to the 3.) Virginia Union 17, Tuskegee 0, 2:45 left in the first quarter.

1:29 -- Punt, Tuskegee three-and-out. Low snap on punt. Blocked by Adidias Arrington. Va. Union takes over at Tuskegee's 33.

1:24 -- Touchdown, Virginia Union. Hampton 75 pass from Little. Virginia Union 14, Tuskegee 0.

1:19 -- Punt, Tuskegee. The Golden Tigers did get two first downs and cross midfield.

1:11 -- Touchdown, Virginia Union. Michael Hampton 84 pass from Lamar Little.

1:07 -- Tuskegee three-and-out.

12:53 p.m. CST -- Tuskegee won the toss and will receive.

11:58 a.m. CST -- Just arrived at Charlie W. Johnson Stadium in Columbia, S.C., for the Pioneer Bowl between Tuskegee and Virginia Union. Gorgeous day in the Palmetto State and sweet stadium, too. The CWJ just opened this year. I'll give sporadic updates on the game, though not as much as last week's Iron Bowl. Where we had five writers last week, I'm by myself today, so I won't have as much time.

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