Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Rays named 'Topps Organization of the Year'

The Tampa Bay Rays won the "Topps Organization of the Year" award today at baseball's winter meetings.

The award, which Tampa Bay has never won, is based on a points system that includes four minor-league categories: All-Star players, Players of the Month, each league's MVP award, the Topps overall Minor League Player of the Year award, and major-league rookies who made the Topps Rookie All-Star team.

The Rays drew points from ...
Delmon Young -- Rookie All-Star
Justin Ruggiano -- August player of month, All-Star
Jae Seo -- July pitcher of month
John Jaso -- August player of month, All-Star
Evan Longoria -- May player of month, All-Star
Chris Mason -- All-Star
Fernando Perez -- All-Star
Dale Thayer -- All-Star
Desmond Jennings -- June player of month
Maiko Loyola -- All-Star
Mike McCormick -- All-Star
Jason Ragan -- All-Star
Emeel Salem -- All-Star

Topps has handed out the award every year since 1966. The Dodgers, Brewers and Yankees have won five times each.

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