Monday, December 10, 2007

Infant Montoyo battles heart problem

One of the toughest parts of this job is when sad things happen to people who have become good friends.

Talked to Charlie Montoyo tonight.

I apologize beforehand, but I'm not going to share everything we talked about. I'd heard about the situation from others, but I didn't feel I should post anything before talking to Charlie. He also doesn't know I'm posting anything now -- so I hope he isn't offended.

Charlie and wife Sam had their second son in mid-October and Alex has yet to see home.

Born with a heart problem, Alex was taken by air from Tucson to Phoenix on the day of his birth. He's since been moved to Los Angeles and the UCLA Medical Center.

Alex has had two open-heart surgeries in less than two months but is fighting hard. He's been on and off a ventilator, can grasp his parents' fingers and likes watching a rotating toy that's above his bed.

Charlie, Sam and their first son, Tyson, are living in an apartment a short walk from the hospital, so Alex has family continually by his side.

Pray for him.

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