Monday, December 03, 2007

Veterans Committee adds 5 to Hall of Fame

The two Veterans Committees, one for executives/pioneers and another for managers/umpires, voted in ...
Barney Dreyfuss
Walter O'Malley
Bowie Kuhn

Billy Southworth
Dick Williams

The managers/umpires committee had 16 members, so a candidate needed 12 votes to get in. The voting: Billy Southworth 13, Dick Williams 13 ... Whitey Herzog 11, Doug Harvey 11, Danny Murtaugh 6, Hank O'Day 4 ... Davey Johnson, Billy Martin, Gene Mauch and Cy Rigler received less than 3.

The executives/pioneers committee had 10 members, so a candidate had to get eight votes for induction. The voting: Barney Dreyfuss 10, Walter O'Malley 9 ... Ewing Kauffman 5, John Fetzer 4, Bob Hawsam 3, Marvin Miller 3 ... John McHale and Gabe Paul had less than 3.

Earl Weaver, who played for the Montgomery Rebels in 1956, was here for the press conference. He remembered playing in Montgomery, but nothing else.

This was the first year of a revamped veterans selection process, splitting it into four separate ballots. This year's two categories will be considered every two years. Next year, players whose careers started after 1943 will be considered (and will be every two years). Also, players from pre-1943 will be considered (but they won't be considered again for five years).

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