Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Biscuits out in top-seeded disgrace

I hear a chant in the distance, somewhere over the horizon. Yep, in the direction of Casper, Wyo., the home of the Casper Ghosts. Yep, the celebrating has started by mocking the vanquished.

O-ver-ra-ted. [Clap. Clap. Clap-clap-clap.]

The Montgomery Biscuits, a top seed in a CNBC minor-league logo tournament, wiped the smile off Monty's face today, falling in the first round to the 16th-seeded Ghosts.

There will be no recount. There will be no revote. There will be no Texas-style caucus to follow the popular vote. With 3,823 votes cast, the Ghosts drew 52 percent of the vote, which works out to about a 150-vote margin.

May I suggest a new theme song for Monty?

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