Thursday, March 20, 2008

Making roster guesses out of thin air

Having successfully navigated the perilous path between Montgomery and St. Petersburg on Thursday, but before I grace the fields at the Naimoli Complex, it's time for the third annual Biscuits Roster Guesses.

We kicked off this bubbly blog with these guesses a few years ago, so let's do it again.

Envelope, please.

Pitcher Wade Davis could start at Durham, but I'll say he goes back to Montgomery. He may be on the David Price-in-Vero Beach Plan, though. (By the way, that could also be called the David Price-in-the-Minors Plan.)

Pitcher Jake McGee and first baseman Rhyne Hughes were late promotions from Vero last year and are due to return. Same for infielder Patrick Cottrell. DH Sergio Pedroza, of pennant-winning home run fame, will actually see a regular-season game in Montgomery this year, too.

Repeating a level isn't a pleasant experience, so bear with second baseman Josh Asanovich, outfielder Erold Andrus , pitcher Mike Prochaska and pitcher James Houser at the Meet the Team preseason event. Though Chris Nowak put up good numbers last year, it wouldn't be a surprise to see him back this season. He's starting to run into 40-man roadblocks ahead of him.

I expect Ronnie Merrill to be the shortstop with Reid Brignac taking his Cajun self to Durham. Christian Lopez will be the catcher and J.T. Hall will be in the outfield. Mike Wlodarczyk -- and I spelled that correctly without looking first -- will round out the rotation.

Derek Feldkamp will be back, but he'll be in the bullpen. I say either Jon Barratt is pushed to the bullpen or he starts because Houser is at Durham. I won't venture a guess on the stopper.

So, I've given you the starting rotation, the infield, two outfielders and a few relievers. Is that enough? Check back March 30 when the rosters are finalized to find out how little I know.

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