Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lugnuts: Biscuits didn't want any

The Lansing Lugnuts say that the Biscuits just avoided the inevitable by losing in the first round of CNBC's minor-league logo tournament.

"I was actually looking forward to taking them on," said Lugnuts broadcaster Brad Tillery, a Montgomery native and former Biscuits employee who tried to claim he wasn't pulling a Joe Namath.

"I think both are equally great," Tillery said.

The Lugnuts will take on the upstart Casper Ghosts in the second round and Tillery is wary.

"Casper is going to be tough to take down," Tillery said before channeling Nuke LaLoosh. "I think the game plan is to give it our best on the field every day and, good Lord willing, we'll win."

Tillery welcomed any Montgomery votes in support of the Lugnuts. "We're not opposed to crossover voting," he said.

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Bubba-36109 said...

Another one bits the dust!!!
Casper Ghosts toke down the Lugnuts! So the Biscuits and Lugnuts have something in common. Go Ghosts!!!!