Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Updated working lists

With Reid Brignac and Evan Longoria arriving today, the Rays adjusted the lists they use for spring workouts. Obviously, these will change by Sunday when the rosters are finalized and camp breaks.

Pitchers -- Andrade, DeBarr, Deago, Henderson, Lynn, Mason, Medlock, Niemann, Prochaska, Ryu, Talbot, Thayer, Tiffany
Catchers -- Arhart, Gimenez, Jamieson
Infielders -- Bannon, Brignac, Cottrell, Longoria, Martinez, Raburn
Outfielders -- Andrus, Owens, Perez, Ruggiano

Pitchers -- Barratt, Bigda, Davis, De Los Santos, Flanagan, Gonzalez, Houser, Kamrath, McGee, Morlan, Townsend, Wlodarczyk
Catchers -- Jaso, Paxton, Spring
Infielders -- Asanovich, Hughes, Merrill, Nowak, Walton, Hall
Outfielders -- Groce, Eldridge, Pedroza

Pitchers -- Baker, Butler, Fines, Frontz, Hellickson, Kelly, Mann, Morse, Noel, Owen, Price, Ragan, Reid, Rollins, Walker
Catchers -- Albernaz, Ashley, Lopez
Infielders -- De La Rosa, Dhaenens, Fields, Fontaine, Mayer, O'Malley, Suarez
Outfielders -- Brennan, Jennings, Matulia, Royster, Stewart

Pitchers -- Baird, Barnett, Boggan, Cobb, Darcy, Fessler, Flores, Garcia, Gibson, Hall, Johnson, Newmann, Risser
Catchers -- McCormick, Vogt, Williams
Infielders -- Callender, Cipriano, Luna, Sexton, Wrigley
Outfielders -- Fronk, Jones, Loyola, Reynolds, Salem

Pitchers -- Amargos, Andujar, Ayers, Barnese, Chapa, Chavez, Cruz, De La Cruz, DellaGrotta, De Los Santos, Echeverria, Florentino, Hayes, Hinkle, Luck, Mejias, Moore, Puentes, Santana, Southern
Catchers -- Acosta, Francisco, Hauschild, Mollicone, Thomas
Infielders -- Carroll, Estrada, Luis, Ross, Scholzen, Sonoqui
Outfielders -- Biell, Edwards, Kang, Novas


Robert Rittner said...

Wow. Tiffany in Durham? That seems surprising. And Jaso not promoted to Durham? That also seems odd.

I am still waiting to find out what the situation is with Will Kline. No news yet?

Stacy Long said...

Again, those are how they split things up for the spring workouts and are not necessarily indicative of how the rosters will shake out (though Jaso looks likely for a return to MGY).

You'll have to wait on Kline. I have yet to see him. There are 140 players still in camp, so it can be hard to track down one player.