Friday, May 14, 2010

Murphy humbled by Maddux but wore out Neil Allen

Former Braves star outfielder Dale Murphy shared this today at the luncheon.

When Greg Maddux first came to Atlanta, Murphy welcomed him to the Braves and said he acted differently than he has ever done with a pitcher. He complimented Maddux, talked about how much he struggled against him and said he was 2-for-24.

"It was 2-for-26," Maddux flatly corrected him, according to Murphy. (Murphy was actually 2-for-34. Still it was a funny anecdote.)

While we're on the subject, former Biscuits pitching coach Neil Allen was the opposite of Maddux. Murphy wore out Allen to the tune of 8-for-17. Former Biscuits pitching coach Xavier Hernandez held Murphy to 0-for-2 with no hit batsman.

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