Saturday, May 08, 2010

Series finale with Suns

The Biscuits and Suns finish their five-game series tonight. The Biscuits are currently in the middle of an on-field autograph session and it looks like there is pretty good demand for all players.

(The autograph day when David Price was here was a spectacle. He had the first chair so that his line wouldn't clog up everyone else's table. The team also provided a security guard and enforced a one- or two-item maximum.)

Tonight's game is also being Webcast by WSFA.

Lineups ...
Emeel Salem cf
Chris De La Cruz ss
Chris Nowak 3b
Nevin Ashley c
Matt Fields 1b
Greg Sexton dh
Drew Anderson 2b
Cody Strait rf
John Matulia lf
David Newmann lhp

Lorenzo Scott cf
Osvaldo Martinez ss
Vinny Rottino lf
Mark Saccomanno 1b
Ryan Curry 2b
Matt Dominguez 3b
Tim Torres rf
Jason Delaney dh
Chris Hatcher c
Jeff Allison rhp

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