Thursday, May 06, 2010

Stanton saves scoreboard, clears it with home run

Jacksonville Suns outfielder Mike Stanton is the No. 1 prospect among position players in the minor leagues and he just showed why.

Stanton just put a charge into one and cleared the scoreboard at Riverwalk Stadium. He's the second to do so -- Wes Bankston put one over it on Opening Night 2006.

It went out at a point about 390 feet from home plate. The scoreboard is about 10 feet behind the wall (and a walkway). The scoreboard is approximately 60 feet tall. Remembering my algebra and the Pythagorean theorem, that's about 405 feet from home plate to the top of the scoreboard -- and the ball crested as it cleared the scoreboard.

Some Biscuit front-office employees were talking about hunting for the ball. (Update: Ball remains MIA. Past the railroad tracks that are behind the scoreboard, there's a dropoff and the ball is somewhere in there.)

We'll also note that the O is out in the "Montgomery" across the top of the scoreboard. It's been out for a while, but the ball did clear just about that exact spot. Ouch!

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Unknown said...

Is there video of this homer. I was reading about it on Espn and wondered.