Saturday, January 12, 2008

My list of top Rays prospects

Baseball America released its list of Tampa Bay's top 10 prospects this week. I was caught unprepared and didn't have my own list ready, so I had to ignore it for a few days to come up with my own and show how little I really know.

I fully admit my list includes lots of guys who have already reached the upper levels of the organization. Feel free to point out where I'm wrong.

Rays Index has also cross-referenced all the major rankings for a composite list.

1. 3B Evan Longoria -- automatic No. 1
2. LHP Jake McGee -- steamer adjusted quickly with Biscuits
3. RHP Wade Davis -- looked tired at end of last year
4. LHP David Price -- will he be in bigs by end of 2008?
5. CF Fernando Perez -- still needs work on stealing (just 32-of-50 last year)

6. RHP Jeremy Hellickson -- 13-3 last year, though Rays treat him with kid gloves
7. CF Desmond Jennings -- late knee injury cost him final month
8. RHP Jeff Niemann -- health questions still linger
9. SS Reid Brignac -- May-June slump led to mediocre year
10. C John Jaso -- I'm still not sure he'll stick at catcher

11. RHP Chris Mason -- easily the biggest character to play for Biscuits
12. LHP Eduardo Morlan -- traded from Twins, might deserve higher ranking
13. OF Ryan Royster -- won Tampa Bay minor-league triple crown
14. RHP Heath Rollins -- 22-year-old won 19 games at Columbus
15. C Nevin Ashley -- a catcher with 20 steals, but tons of strikeouts

16. RHP Mitch Talbot -- has to rebound from rough year with Durham
17. ?? Joel Guzman -- was a SS, then 3B, plus 1B; maybe he'll stick somewhere
18. LHP James Houser -- vicious against left-handed hitters
19. OF Reid Fronk -- moved from College World Series to nice pro debut
20. RHP Nick Barnese -- attitude issues in high school didn't show in Princeton

21. LHP Brian Henderson -- maybe, one day, he'll see the bright lights of Durham
22. RHP Matt Walker -- major control issues at Vero (82 walks in 95.2 IP)
23. RHP Josh Butler -- struggled at Vero after last year's promotion
24. OF Justin Ruggiano -- made majors last September
25. RHP Tyree Hayes -- needs to improve, move up from Princeton

26. RHP Dale Thayer -- continues to pile up numbers, but he's now 27
27. CF Emeel Salem -- could rise quickly following solid debut
28. LHP Mike Wlodarczyk -- Vero workhorse had three CGs, team-high 138 IP
29. 1B Rhyne Hughes -- will being hit in face in August affect him in '08?
30. 2B Elliot Johnson -- his '07: putrid, awful, ghastly, etc.


aaron said...

fernando perez seems very high, but, i haven't seen him play, and you did, so i will defer to you.

Stacy Long said...

You may be right. To me, there's a dropoff after No. 4 and another after No. 9, but I'm no expert.