Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gwinnett stadium will fall short on seats

Gwinnett County stadium is official. Stadium to cost $38 million.

The stadium will have 5,500 permanent seats and grass seating for another 1,500. However, the minimum seating requirement for a Class AAA team is 10,000.

Stadium address: 2500 Buford Drive, Lawrenceville, Ga. Same I-85 exit as the Mall of Georgia.

UPDATE: We were unsuccessful in our attempt to find an official link for that minimum seating requirement. However, we ran across some unofficial links here, here and here that all say 10,000. Search for the word "minimum."

There's a Web site hoping to save the R-Braves.


Josh said...

The new stadium for the AAA team in Allentown, PA only will seat about 8,000. More than 5,500 for sure, but still less than 10,000.

Would they even be able to fill a 10,000 seat stadium to see minor league Atlanta Braves? The major league Braves aren't exactly a big draw.

Stacy Long said...

Teams do get to count lawn seating toward the minimum. Montgomery only has 4,500 fixed seats and lists 7,000 as capacity. The Class AA minimum is 6,000, I believe.

Can't disagree with your second point. The Braves ranked a poor 10th of 16 NL teams last year. I've been there before and watched the Cubs draw more cheers. We won't even mention playoff games that don't sell out.

Bubba36109 said...

May have to make the trip.