Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fleming continues Biscuit-to-Bull exodus

Biscuits reliever Marquis Fleming became the latest to hit the highway to Durham after his promotion today.

Fleming was a Southern League midseason All-Star and had a 2.56 ERA in 29 appearances. In 56 1/3 innings, he allowed 37 hits with 27 walks and 85 strikeouts.

He's the sixth player to move from the Biscuits to the Bulls in the last four days.


Dr.Miraculous said...

I guess that effectively ends our playoff potential. I know its a farm system, but the Rays have been really good at keeping us out of the playoffs while most of the rest of the affiliates bring pennants to their fans.

Its not so much that they have promoted guys this year, but that they do it now after NOT promoting guys that would have put us in the postseason last year.

i seriously wonder how much value the Rays put on our affiliate. Im sure they love how we develop players, but they appear to want all the other levels to win before we do. When another rays affiliate team needs a player, and both teams are in contention, the vast majority of times we end up without that guy.

Again, its not that i mind moving players up, thats minor league. Its that players are rushed thru here faster than any other level in the Tampa chain, even sent down to help other teams win while we are in contention.

How long is that PDC? We might want to shop around a little more next time....

Stacy Long said...

They signed a 4-year PDC extension last year that runs through the 2014 season.