Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Russell clears waivers, heads to Bulls

The Biscuits should be in line to add a player -- and return to the 24-man Southern League roster limit -- after Durham added a player. Relief pitcher Adam Russell, designated for assignment last week by the Tampa Bay Rays, cleared waivers and has been outrighted to the Triple-A Bulls, who now are 1 over the International League ceiling.


Chris W. said...

You understand this better than I do, but think Bulls are at 24 and don't have to send anyone off. If they do, I'm guessing Baker to DL or Mayora to Biscuits.

Stacy Long said...

I was using the roster at milb's private site, but it could be incorrect. (It has been before.)

It listed 12 active pitchers (2 more on DL) and 12 active position players.

I was thinking maybe Reid back down, but I've heard nothing.

Chris W. said...

Only 11 position players on the public site. Brignac supposedly to be added (and play) today to make 12. All will be clear at game time, I suppose. Earlier in the year Albernaz would just go off to Hudson Valley. Can't do that now with Lobaton (DL) and Chirinos with the Rays.

Stacy Long said...

Brignac is listed on the private site's Durham roster, though it has a blank space under his status. Russell has now been added and his status is "reassigned." Everyone else is "active" or "7-day DL."

John Jaso's injury triggered all the roster moves, but Lobaton signaled it would be an avalanche.