Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fleming rejoins Biscuits from Durham

Reliever Marquis Fleming, after making two appearances for Triple-A Durham, is coming back to the Biscuits. The Bulls are adding Dane De La Rosa from the majors. Also hearing that starter Jason McEachern has been promoted from Hudson Valley to Bowling Green, which is the latest from the Matt Moore-to-Durham/Alex Colome-to-Montgomery/C.J. Riefenhauser-to-Charlotte string.

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Dr.Miraculous said...

I think the phrase "string" is out of place, that implies a line of equal size, when in fact it is at least six players thick on the leaving Mgm-Durham end, but only one or two players sized from Charlotte-Mgm.

Perhaps the term "funneled", since the thing is so much wider at the top and lots more narrow down where we are, and tapers even more below us!