Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Maybe a roof would stop future spoofs?

I arrive at the stadium and what do I see?
No, not the infield. It's the tarp staring back at me.
Raindrops fall all around. Thick clouds are abound.
The weather this month has definitely been lame.
But tonight -- as of right now -- there will be a game.
Water shoots sideways and I sit here and moan.
Will the Biscuits eventually demand a retractable dome?


Bubba-36109 said...

I agree! Need to start a e-mail blitz to the mayor and city council.

Dr.Miraculous said...

The Mont-Dome-ry Biscuits?

If its air conditioned im all for it, but be careful or they will move the team to Garret Coliseum and then we are arena baseball...

Hey, seriously tho, thanks for the updates about days with the tarp on the field. Its one of the recurring bits of info some of us locals find VERY valuable! Always gotta check the blog before heading to the park, roster moves and tarp warnings are among my fave stuff to find here.