Friday, September 06, 2013

Renegades' Griffin best in year's "Little BCS"

Aaron Griffin
Aaron Griffin, Tampa Bay's 10th-round draft pick in June, made an impact in his first season with the Rays.

Griffin won this year's "Little BCS" race for short-season players. It's an offshoot of the BCS/RPI.

The right-handed pitcher scored 24 points in the daily "Ranking the Rays" feature, nine points ahead of Hudson Valley teammate Ben Griset. Princeton pitcher Jake Faria was third with 14 points.

Griffin finished with a 2.02 ERA and gave up just 67 hits in 75 2/3 innings for the Renegades. He issued eight walks and had 54 strikeouts.

Griset had a 3.41 ERA in 14 starts. Faria had a 2.02 ERA with 53 hits allowed, nine walks and 71 strikeouts in 12 starts.

Ben Griset
All three had a 3-3 record.

24 points: Aaron Griffin
15: Ben Griset
14: Jake Faria
13: Jose Alonzo, Chris Kirsch
12: Yoel Araujo, Kevin Brandt
10: Darryl George, Oscar Hernandez, German Marquez

Jake Faria

5 days: Aaron Griffin
3: Ben Griset

2: Darryl George, Granden Goetzman, James Harris, Chris Kirsch, Jose Paez, Colton Reavis, D.J. Slaton, Kean Wong

10 days: Aaron Griffin
7: Jake Faria
6: Ben Griset, Chris Kirsch, Hunter Lockwood

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