Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It's a Price day in exhibition

Finals: 8-8 tie in Triple-A. Reds win 8-2 in Double-A. Price surrendered six runs, including three homers, in four innings. The wind was hefty to left.

Trips: J.T. Hall hit a two-run homer.

1:51: Somebody just did something in the major-league game. We can hear the cheers. We can also now hear "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."

1:34: Back at field. Price is done and gave up multiple homers.

1:09: There is an emergency vehicle at the complex. I'm checking. ... A Red was hit by a pitch and EMS was called. He was taken to the hospital as precautionary measure.

Triple-A, 5th: Price surrenders home run. He relieved in the second and was scheduled for five innings of work.

12:57: I'm a late arrival back at the fields, but for good reason. I filed some video to go with a Wade Davis story that will run Thursday or Friday.

The minor-league games are about to start and David Price is in today's pitching plans in the Triple-A game. Check back for sporadic updates.

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