Friday, July 10, 2009

System will comprehensively track on-field action

Found this interesting today in the New York Times. A San Francisco company is almost finished testing a system that would comprehensively document a player's every move on the field.

A new camera and software system in its final testing phases will record the exact speed and location of the ball and every player on the field, allowing the most digitized of sports to be overrun anew by hundreds of innovative statistics that will rate players more accurately, almost certainly affect their compensation and perhaps alter how the game itself is played.

For testing purposes, it's already installed at San Francisco's park and will cost $5 million to install at all 30 major-league stadiums. That's a relative pittance for the major-league teams, who are desperate for such data on the minors, too. (I've heard of at least one QuesTec system at a Triple-A park to evaluate pitchers.)

Would the major-league teams splurge to have the new system in every Triple-A venue? How about Double-A?

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Kevin Gengler said...

I'd like to see Pitch f/x data(type of pitch, velocity, break) in minor-league parks.