Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday games

Check back here for anything that grabs my attention from today's Triple-A/Double-A games between the Rays and Twins.

It's Joe Cruz starting in Double-A and Dirk Hayhurst in Triple-A. Paul Phillips and Neil Schenk are due up (maybe more) in Double-A.

Vicious wind today, too. Games are on opposite -- not adjacent -- fields. Wind going out to right in Trips and in from right on Dubs.

6 minutes in: Twins double and homer in the first in Triple-A. Cruz goes in order in Double-A. There is an extended/rehab intrasquad game, too (wind in from left). O'Connor, O'Malley and Velasquez are names I've seen so far. It's Jensen vs. James on the mound.
26: Vettleson with an opposite-field triple into the wind in the extended/rehab game.
51: Just witnessed my first bench warning for inside pitches in a spring minors game. Beckham was hit with a pitch in his first at-bat after a Twin was hurt going into second. Beckham's throw to first squarely hit the Twin in the face or neck *hand*.
1:01: Andujar replaces Cruz, who looked good when I watched. He went four shutout innings. Cruz seems bigger than 6-3, 226, at least from a distance.
1:38: Had to peel off to talk to Justin Woodall and Scott Shuman and just getting back. Andujar is still on the Dub mound.
1:53: In Trips, Carter doubles to score Ashley, thrown out trying for a triple. Gomes was on the mound for the Rays, but Wade is coming in.
2:11: I don't know how many innings Phillips pitched in Double-A, but his final inning included a homer, a double and a wild pitch. Schenk is in now.
2:24: Kang hits an opposite-field homer. Rays up 5-2 in Dubs.
2:27: Kang HR was in extra time. Rays won 4-2, but the Twins had another pitcher.
2:49: Triple-A ended in a tie. Gomes retired eight of the nine batters he faced. Carter hit two doubles.

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