Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday lineups

Woke up to a steady rain this morning and the skies are still overcast. Since the Rays have had idyllic spring weather to this point, one bigwig has playfully accused me of bringing the showers with me.

The Rays play the Orioles in minor league exhibitions today (weather permitting, of course). The higher levels travel to Sarasota and the Class A's are in Port Charlotte. With the major leaguers around for just today, I may skip the Sarasota trip to get the few of those guys I still need.

Jennings cf
Ruggiano rf
Lopez 3b
Kotchman 1b
Chirinos c
Carter lf
Guyer dh
Canzler dh
Furmaniak 2b
Olmedo ss
Anderson, Mayora, Lobaton on the bench

Nommensen, rf
Beckham ss
Vogt c (Jefferies in the 7th)
Sweeney dh (1b in the 6th)
Figueroa 2b
Cipriano 3b (Sexton 6th)
Sheridan 1b (dh in 6th)
Kand lf (Cohen in 6th)
Biell cf
Davis dh

Lee ss (Estrada in the 7th)
Bortnick 2b (Lawson in 7th)
Wunderlich 1b
Thomas c (Segovia in 7th)
Morrison cf
Guillen dh (lf in 6th)
Price 3b
Bryles rf
Jones lf (dh in 6th)
Acosta dh

Kiermaier cf
Guevara 2b (Luis in the 7th)
Dietrich ss (Querecuto in 7th)
Schwaner 3b (dh in 6th)
Bailey c (Holloway in 6th)
Malm 1b
Glaesmann rf
Rogers lf (Fogle in 7th)
Depew dh
Tinoco dh (3b in 6th)

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Chris W. said...

These lineups are very handy to me as I try to figure out what the Bulls are going to look like this year. Thanks!