Sunday, March 27, 2011

Roster changes on (my) first morning of camp

Right-hander Justin Garcia, who pitched in 18 games for the Biscuits last season, is among seven players no longer on Tampa Bay's minor league roster.

The roster is dated Thursday -- two days after the roster listed below -- and there could be additional moves that have already been made. The Rays on Saturday sent some players from major league to minor league camp, including catcher Craig Albernaz. Those names aren't on the minor league roster yet.


Jonah Bayliss

Aaron Dott

Justin Garcia

Jake Sullivan

Chris Bootcheck

Mike Eckstrom

R.J. Swindle


Seth Henry

Kyle Lusson


Kevin G said...

Were the players released from the organization or re-assigned from the double-A work group?

Stacy Long said...

They aren't on the entire Rays minor league roster.