Thursday, March 31, 2011

Unofficial higher-level workout roster

By checking this morning's workout, it appears there are 28 players with Triple-A and 34 with Double-A. There were releases today, and I'm hoping to receive an updated roster. Of course, I may have missed some, but here's who I saw ...

Pitchers -- Baker, Bootcheck, Cobb, De La Rosa, Richard De Los Santos, Delaney, Ekstrom, Gomes, Gonzalez, Hall, Hayhurst, Swindle, Torres, Wade
Catchers -- Albernaz, Ashley, Chirinos, Lobaton
Infielders -- Canzler, Carter, Furmaniak, Kotchman, Lopez, Olmedo
Outfielders -- Anderson, Guyer, Jennings, Ruggiano

Pitchers -- Andujar, Archer, Barnese, Bush, Cruz, Frank De Los Santos, Dyer, Espinosa, Fleming, Moore, Newmann, Phillips, Quate, Reid, Satow, Schenk
Catchers -- Jefferies, Vogt, Wendt
Infielders -- Beckham, Cipriano, Davis, Hall, Luna, Mayora, Sexton, Sheridan, Sweeney
Outfielders -- Biell, Fronk, Nommensen, Shelby

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