Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday game thread

Check back here for anything noteworthy from the Triple-A and Double-A games against the Red Sox.

The Double-A pitching dance card is Chris Archer followed by Sergio Espinosa, Jeremy Hall and Ryan Reid.

In Triple-A, Alex Torres is starting. I see Mike Ekstrom, Chris Bootcheck and R.J. Swindle in uniform. There could be others.

45 minutes in: Dual shutout. Trips through 3. Dubs through 2.
46: Yep, a whammy. Olmedo doubled in Ruggiano in Trips. Rays had the bases loaded and one out in Dubs. Guyer struck out and Vogt flied out.
57: Sox up 2-0 in Dubs. Archer gives up consecutive RBI hits after a missed out. A runner stealing second should have been out. Instead, he went to third on an error. Vogt's throw appeared on target.
1:11: Torres just lost his shutout when he served up a home run to Linares. Rays lead 2-1. This will be Torres' last inning.
1:44: Double-A Rays just scored on an infield popup. Sox middle infielders both repeatedly screamed for the ball, hit each other and dropped it. Rays' first run scored on a wild pitch to Vogt, who soon walked. Sox up 3-2.
1:51: Nommensen makes a diving catch to save a run.
1:58: Jennings moved over to the Double-A game. He beat a potential double-play grounder and Matt Hall scored from second. (Who knew that Alabama and Auburn people could work together?)
2:08: Bootcheck gives up two-run double in eighth and Triple-A Sox lead 4-2. Bootcheck didn't get a strike call earlier in the count and showed some frustration.
2:20: Double-A Sox score once in the eighth on Reid for a 4-3 lead. Triple-A Sox added at least one more in the eighth against Bootcheck.
2:40: Sox win both, 4-2 in Dubs and 6-2 in Trips.

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