Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday lineups

It's Rays vs. Twins today with the higher levels in Port Charlotte and the Class A's in Fort Myers.

Jennings cf
Ruggiano rf
Lopez 3b
Kotchman 1b
Ashley c
Carter lf
Guyer dh
Canzler dh
Furmaniak ss
Mayora 2b

Nommensen rf
Beckham ss
Vogt dh
Sweeney dh (1b in 6th)
Figueroa 2b
Sexton 3b (Cipriano in 6th)
Sheridan 1b (dh in 6th)
Kang lf (Cohan in 6th)
Jefferies c (Wendt in 7th)
Biell cf

Lee ss (Estrada in 8th)
Price 3b
Bortnick 2b (Gonzalez in 8th)
Wunderlich 1b
Thomas c (Acosta in 7th)
Segovia dh
Guillen lf
Bryles rf
Sale dh
Dixon cf

Kiermaier cf
Guevara 2b (Luis in 8th)
Dietrich ss (Querecuto in 8th)
Schwaner dh
Bailey c (Holloway in 6th)
Glaesmann rf
Tinoco 3b
Malm 1b
Rogers lf
Depew dh

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