Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday games

A little late getting back from lunch, but it's Jeremy Hellickson getting some throwing in for Triple-A and Edgar Gonzalez in Double-A. Check back for sporadic updates. More heavy wind today out to right in Trips and left in Dubs.

22 minutes in: in Double-A, Nommensen bunt single, Beckham walk, Vogt walk to start/load it. After an out, Fronk with an HBP RBI ends it. They rolled over the inning. In Triple-A, Hellickson is 6-up, 6-down so far.
38: Cipriano reaches on an error, steals second and scores on a wall-banging double by Sheridan. A Luna bloop single and wild pitch score Sheridan. Double-A Rays up 3-nil. In Trips, that Hellickson guy is still holding his own. A Chirinos RBI single and Furmaniak safety squeeze has it 2-0.
59: Vogt doubles in Beckham in Dubs. Hellickson gives up bunt to break up no-hitter, hit-and-run single and grounder to break up shutout in Trips.
1:11: Carter with a no-doubt homer to right in Trips. The wind is now lighter and, on that field, coming in from left, so it didn't help.
1:04: Helli gives up three-run double.
1:36: after another peel away to talk to some people, it's Newmann on in Double-A relief.
1:47: Mayora homers in Dubs. A few seconds later, Baker gives up one in Trips.
1:58: Canzler homers in Trips. Line shot to right-center.
2:21: Mayora homers again. This one also brings in Matt Hall.
2:50: Games are over, but I'll be honest: I don't know what the scores were. Rays won the Double-A game, though the Orioles scored in the ninth off Quate.

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