Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cobb leaves early with blister

Camp day today, so the Rays split up for intrasquad games. The Double-As and Triple-As tied their six-inning tilt.

Triple-A starter Alex Cobb left early with a blister on his finger, but he should be OK. Double-A starter Nick Barnese looked solid. There was one first-and-second, no-out situation he escaped with a foul fly and two grounders.

Don't put too much stock in this, but here were the position players ...

TRIPLE-A -- C Jake Jefferies, 1B Mike Sheridan, 2B Omar Luna, 3B Cody Cipriano, SS J.J. Furmaniak, LF Kyeong Kang, CF Dustin Biell, RF Reid Fronk

DOUBLE-A -- C Alejandro Segovia, 1B Matt Sweeney, 2B Anthony Scelfo, 3B Greg Sexton, SS Matt Hall, LF Cody Robers, CF Chris Murrill, RF Gabe Cohen

There were two other games, but I focused on the Double-A/Triple-A. I did see Paul Phillips in a Class A game. Also, Jason McEachern started for one Class A team and seemed pleased with his outing.

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