Sunday, September 09, 2007

Badeaux promoted to Durham

Brooks Badeaux will join Class AAA Durham for the International League championship series after the Bulls lost Jorge Velandia to the Devil Rays. The Biscuits will add Aaron Sisk from Class A Vero Beach.

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Brent said...

Well, this proves that the top brass with the D-Rays doesn't care about the farm system. Why they would make a move to call up Velandia, in the middle of the playoffs, to a team mired in last place with no chance of moving up is beyond me. This affects Durham and Montgomery, since Badeaux now moves up as well.

Of course, the D-Ray brass proved their ineptitude earlier by giving Maddon a two-year extension.

I guess I'm resigned to rooting for the Biscuits and forgetting about Tampa Bay.