Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bankston rides pipeline to Royals

Wes Bankston was claimed off waivers Friday by the Kansas City Royals, making him at least the fifth Biscuit to reach that organization. Joey Gathright and Fernando Cortez went to the Royals last year in a trade, Jason Cromer signed with them last offseason, Jose Diaz landed there before going to Japan this year and now Bankston.


Bubba-36109 said...

So does that give Kowak the job at 1st base in Durham next year?

Stacy Long said...

No, it doesn't give him the job in Durham because Nowak is starting to run into some 40-man roadblocks.

Carlos Pena is settled in as Tampa Bay's major-league starter and the Rays have an option on him for next year. After that, can the Rays afford him?

Does Joel Guzman have enough experience at first to ride the major-league bench next year with the possibility of starting in 2009? If not, and I think not at the moment, Guzman will be Durham's starter to open 2008 with Nowak on the bench, and Tampa Bay will sign a minor free agent as Pena's backup.

And an offseason trade could completely change the whole equation.

Call of the Game said...

Or, with Longoria quite possibly starting in Tampa at 3B, Guzman goes back to 3B in Durham, leaving Durham's 1B open for Nowak.