Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Seddon moves up to majors

(Credit Brent Smeltzer for picking up my slack on this one.)

Former Biscuits pitcher Chris Seddon made his major-league debut Monday with the Florida Marlins, allowing one hit and striking out two in a one-inning appearance against the Washington Nationals.

That's 21 former Biscuits who have reached the majors, by my count. Seven other major-leaguers were here on rehab assignments and six Biscuits had previously been in The Show.

Seddon came on in the eighth with the Marlins down 6-3. Austin Kearns struck out swinging, Wily Mo Pena singled, Ronnie Belliard flied out and Brian Schneider struck out looking.


Unknown said...


Nice to hear that Chris made it to the show with the Marlins.

Brent said...

Thanks for the "credit" on Chris Seddon!

GREAT job in today's paper!!

I'm showing 35 in the Majors, as follows:

In MLB before Biscuits only (6)

Brent Butler
Robinson Cancel
Marcos Carvajal
Michael Coleman
Jimmy Osting
Jason C. Phillips

In MLB before Biscuits and after Biscuits (rehabs/demotions/comebacks) (10)

Dewon Brazelton
Jorge Cantu
Jesus Colome
Seth McClung
Dan Miceli
Greg Norton
Josh Paul
Todd Ritchie
Jason Standridge
Jon Switzer

Biscuits first, then MLB (19)

Tim Corcoran
Fernando Cortez
Elijah Dukes
Joey Gathright
Jason Hammel
Scott Kazmir
Ruddy Lugo
Franklin Nunez
Chad Orvella
Shawn Riggans
Juan Salas
Chris Seddon
James Shields
Andy Sonnanstine
Brian Stokes
B.J. Upton
Jose Veras
John Webb
Delmon Young

Bubba-36109 said...

Ditto on what Brent said about the paper!

Stacy Long said...

I see now that I never updated my list with Andy Sonnanstine.

So, 22 who moved up from the Biscuits to the majors, 7 rehabs and 6 that previously were in the majors but haven't returned.

Brent said...

I'm still curious why you include Brazelton, Ritchie, and Switzer as "moving up from the Biscuits".

Technically, you're right, but they were in the majors before coming to the Biscuits, which is why I list them with all the rehabs, demotions, comebacks, retreads, etc.

Seems a lot cleaner to keep them with that group, rather than with the 19 who were never in the bigs, came to the Biscuits, and eventually ended up in the majors.

Stacy Long said...

I include them because they were officially on the roster and later returned to the majors.

I distinguish between them and rehabs because rehabs aren't officially "on the roster" (they don't count against the roster limit) and they return to the majors after the rehab assignment ends.

The comebacks didn't have any baseball future assured and (supposedly in Brazelton's case) had to work their way back to the majors.

Brent said...

I still like my way better, but your way follows solid enough logic, and is probably more correct. Thanks for pointing out the distinction about rehabs not counting against the roster limit.