Sunday, September 16, 2007

Biscuits win Southern League title

Biscuits beat Stars 4-3 for their second straight Southern League championship. Sergio Pedroza hit a three-run home run with one out in the ninth.

(Yep, I'm late with this. The dramatic ending meant I had to rush.)


Brent said...

No wonder you were late with this, and I hope you got soaked with champagne!

What a comeback! I checked online to see how they were doing and it was 1-3 going into the top of the ninth. I finished what I was watching on TV, logged on again, and figured, oh well, it probably ended up that way, but maybe...just maybe...something amazing happened. Oh, probably not.

Then I saw the 4-3 score and my jaw dropped. Hard to believe!

Congrats to a great team that battled back all year, especially to newcomer Sergio and especially Chris Nowak with 4 hits in this game and his fantastic series. I was at both home games, and said to the guy next to me "Chris is going to hit a few here, and he came through. Made me look real smart.

And, to the pitching staff, way to go! A special thanks to Tim Corcoran for his loyalty, after the D-Rays abandoned him. Something you can be proud of young man, and you'll be back in the majors in no time!

What a TEAM!!!

Bubba-36109 said...

Great finish to the season! Great Reporting! Can't wait till next year! Go Biscuits!