Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Pedroza, Lopez, Gonzalez with Biscuits

The Biscuits just left for Mississippi and are taking three extra players with them.

Outfielder Sergio Pedroza, catcher Christian Lopez and pitcher Jino Gonzalez joined Montgomery from Class A Vero Beach for the playoffs.

One of the three will be activated for the playoffs, which start Thursday. The first-round playoff roster has to be finalized by noon Thursday. The other two players will be activated only if the Biscuits (or Class AAA Durham) has an emergency need.

Pedroza, who had the majority of his at-bats at designated hitter, hit .286 with 22 home runs and 70 RBIs for Vero, while Lopez was a .230 hitter with 24 RBIs. Lopez also played in two June games with Durham.

Gonzalez was 5-6 with a save and a 2.86 ERA in 43 appearances. He allowed 81 hits in 91 1/3 innings.


Brent said...

Do any of these 3 count as "Biscuits" if they play in the playoffs only?

I mean, they won't have any stats show up in the 2007 official stats, because they didn't play in the regular season.

Just wondering.

Stacy Long said...

Not sure. I'd vote for giving them the benefit of the doubt, particularly if their Biscuits uniforms are stained by champagne.

But, again, I won't profess any sincere conviction either way.

Call of the Game said...

This would officially count as having played for the Biscuits.

The dividing line (for someone who is or isn't considered "official") is just getting into a regular season or postseason game.

In other words, just being on the roster isn't enough. You have to play. But to that end, postseason games would count.

Stacy Long said...

In the words of Jack Buck: "That's a winner."