Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And Lobaton would make 42

A few days after the Biscuits had the first member of their 2009 team make his major-league debut, a player from the 2010 squad has been promoted to the major leagues.

The Rays called up catcher Jose Lobaton after regular catcher Dioner Navarro drew a two-game suspension.

Lobaton, who made his major-league debut last year with the Padres (at second base), will be the 42nd full-fledged Biscuit alum to rise to the majors when he plays in a game. The Rays host Oakland for two games starting tonight and Kansas City for four Thursday-Sunday.

All three catchers who were with the Biscuits for Tuesday night's game are present and accounted for before today's bright and early 10:35 a.m. game. Tardy lineups ...

Emeel Salem cf
Drew Anderson ss
Chris Nowak dh
Matt Fields 1b
Greg Sexton 3b
Cody Cipriano 2b
Cody Strait rf
Craig Albernaz c
John Matulia lf
David Newmann lhp

Alex Romero cf
Willie Cabrera rf
Donell Linares 3b
Eric Duncan 1b
Mauro Gomez dh
Cody Johnson lf
Luis Bolivar ss
Travis Jones 2b
Benji Johnson ss
Scott Diamond lhp


Chris said...

All three catchers?? Only two on the roster. Which one can we (the Bulls) have??

hvrmom said...

3 meaning Paxton?

Stacy Long said...

Two on roster, but three in uniform. I'm not sure they'll send you one because I'm confident Lobaton will be back by the end of the work week.

Brent said...

We can't count Lobaton going from the Biscuits to the majors unless he gets into a game, right?

Stacy Long said...

Correct. ("will be the 42nd full-fledged Biscuit alum to rise to the majors ***when he plays in a game***.")