Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rays' Maddon 'hoodie-winking' MLB

I read the other day where Major League Baseball had said bench personnel could only display a jacket or official team pullover instead of a jersey, thus banning Rays manager Joe Maddon's preferred pullover.

Today, on TBS, I see Maddon and coach Dave Martinez wearing the jackets on a blustery day at Fenway Park.

I also see the tell-tale signs of a hoodie popping out the back of those jackets. (Martinez's is even white.) Nice.


Bubba-36109 said...

Heard that Ashley was back with the team in Carolina and would be on the activity roster tomorrow for the Chattanooga series. Wonder who gets taken off the roster?

Stacy Long said...

That sounds like it could be true. Unfortunately, I can't print rumors.

Where did you hear it?

Bubba-36109 said...

Joe Davis said it on the radio today.

Stacy Long said...

Always great when the team releases such information in that way.

Stacy Long said...


Bubba, you're hereby named broadcast monitor for road games.

Stacy Long said...

And thanks.