Sunday, April 04, 2010

Last day of spring; head north this afternoon

The players have intrasquad games starting in about an hour and won't be too picky over what pitches warrant a swing. These are mainly to keep the pitchers on a regular routine, while the players are all eager to leave.

Travel rosters will be out today and everyone not assigned to high-Class A Charlotte or extended spring will act like a certain cartoon character. Heck, some of those guys will probably do the same with a few off days upcoming.

The Biscuits are completely off Monday and will have their first workout at Riverwalk Stadium on Tuesday afternoon. There's Wednesday's Meet the Team event at Eastdale Mall before Thursday's season opener.

Feel free to peruse my story today on Darin Downs and the notebook.


Bubba-36109 said...

Great Job! Really enjoyed your reporting this spring! Loved the articles in the paper, really great incite in your reporting. Looking forward to the start of season and your reporting! Again GREAT JOB!!!!

Stacy Long said...

Thanks, Bubba. Hopefully, we can match it this season.