Saturday, August 25, 2007

How to find 米克 and ホセロ

Someone asked a few weeks ago in a comment about how I find the statistics for Travis Minix way over in Taiwan for the Wayward Biscuits feature in the weekly stats graphic. I just saw the question tonight, so I thought I should make this a separate thread so maybe they'll see it.

Minix -- or should I say 米克? -- plays for the Macoto Cobras, whose Web site is, but here's Minix's player page there. He also has a page at the league's Web site.

Every time I decide to use Minix in the "system check," I have to put the statistics page abbreviations through a Google translation. (四死 comes out as "four dead," which I take to mean walk. If I'm wrong, someone let me know.)

I do the same thing with Jose Diaz in Japan, though the Yokohama BayStars' page will fully translate through Google. Diaz (ホセロ) translates into "hosero."

I think I knew about Diaz and Biscuits fan Brent Smeltzer knew about Minix heading overseas, but I may have players swapped.

If anyone's curious, Taiwan is 17 hours ahead of Central Daylight Time. Yokohama is 18 hours ahead.

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Brent said...

Stacy -- you're right, I was the one who knew about Travis Minix heading overseas. Could be because I'm a former Pennsylvania resident and closet Phillie fan, and Travis was in the Phillie system after leaving Montgomery.