Monday, August 20, 2007

Joyful "fan" responds


I'm not talking any particular school, Dilbert, I'm trying to talk about our hometown paper (rag) promoting the MONTGOMERY BISCUITS and their wins rather than all the bad news about the Biscuits.

I'm sorry that I can't respond to your question, but I fail to see how that has anything to do with your paper/rag's lack of positive coverage of the Biscuits' triumphs as opposed to their misfortunes. Why can't you answer that?

response: "I could answer your question, but I've still not seen your name mentioned on either e-mail. I make it a policy that if a person wants information, they can at least tell me their name."


Brent said...

Dear Joyful Fan,

Maybe the reason the Montgomery Advertiser put the story about Houser on the first page of the sports section was because it's a national news story. For crying out loud, it was in USA Today and on all the wires!

And, why whine about the coverage? The Biscuits got a full page in Sunday's paper, including a tremendous amount of research work done by Stacy on the TBay system players, former Biscuits, and local players in pro ball. Give it a rest.

By the way, I also wonder why you won't give your name???

Call of the Game said...

For the record, I've been in Minor League Baseball nine years. I'm the Diector of Media for the Biscuits. I've seen the coverage given to 48 different minor league teams in four different leagues. And of all of them, the Advertiser has done the best job of covering its minor league team.

Despite the name "Advertiser," the paper's job is not to act as a public relations forum for the Biscuits. It's a news organization involved in gathering and distributing news, not cheerleading. Unfortunately, a player being suspended for performance-enhancing drugs is pretty big news, especially in today's sports climate.

Speaking for the Biscuits, we take no offense in the coverage of this matter.

Stacy Long said...

Thanks for the kind words, though I put those out there for entertainment's sake.

I haven't received another e-mail, but I'll keep you posted.

Of course, I also sent it along to some friends. One's tongue-in-cheek response: "Why doesn't he tell you how he really feels?"