Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Not too sunny for Suns

The Jacksonville Suns are showing some grit as I type and are taking batting practice on the field.

It's the opener of a five-game series with the Biscuits needing a series victory to help their prayers for a playoff spot. Though Wednesday's Clayton Kershaw-Jake McGee pairing is the highlight matchup, it's James McDonald and Wade Davis tonight.

The Suns just finished b.p. about the time the visiting team usually starts, so manager John Shoemaker did make some accomodation for the heat.

Shoemaker said they did it because of Monday's off day and because some of his players had never seen Riverwalk. Biscuits activated pitcher Brett Wayne to fill their open roster spot about 5:15. Wayne had been parked on Hudson Valley's roster the last week.

Lineups ...
Fernando Perez, cf
Erold Andrus, rf
Reid Brignac, ss
John Jaso, dh
Gabriel Martinez, lf
Chris Nowak, 3b
Rhyne Hughes, 1b
Josh Arhart, c
Josh Asanovich, 2b
Wade Davis, rhp

James Tomlin, cf
Blake DeWitt, 3b
Kevin Howard, 2b
Alberto Concepcion, rf
Cory Dunlap, dh
Anthony Raglani, lf
A.J. Ellis, c
Juan Gonzales, zz
Jimmy Rohan, 1b
James McDonald, rhp

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