Friday, August 10, 2007

Me: Thayer all-time SL saves leader

Based on additional research, I'm prepared to declare Dale Thayer the all-time Southern League saves leader. Congratulations to Thayer. Let's all applaud at once.

I rolled through The Baseball Cube's statistics. Though I thought they included 1978, they don't go past 1979.

However, based on those numbers and the fact that the save wasn't as popular in the 1970's as it is now, and until the Southern League refutes my proclamation, I'll say Thayer's the man. He took over the top spot with his fourth save this year, which was April 21 against Huntsville.

75 -- Dale Thayer (27 in 2005 and 2006 with Mobile, 21 with the Biscuits this year)

57 -- Greg Johnson (19 in 1990 and 25 in 1991 with Orlando, 13 with Nashville in 1993)
55 -- Billy Sylvester (Greenville from 2001-03)

49 -- Joe Valentine (36 in 2002 with Birmingham, 13 in 2006 with Huntsville)
44 -- Bob Long (12 in 1983 with Chattanooga, 16 in 1986 with Greenville, 16 in 1987 with Charlotte)
43 -- Don Strange (1 in 1991 and 18 in 1992 and 1993 with Greenville, 6 in 1994 with Memphis)

40 -- Matt Ryan (26 in 1995 and 14 in 1997 with Carolina)
40 -- Adam Butler (17 in 1996, 22 in 1997 and 1 in 1999 with Greenville)
40 -- Joe Klink (11 in 1986 with Orlando, 3 in 1988 and 26 in 1989 with Huntsville)

NOTE: Before 1979, the league's single-season record for saves was 22. Montgomery Rebel Jack Whillock won the title in 1970 with 12 and again in 1971 with 15.


Brew said...


This doesn't relate to your topic today, but I'm still going to ask. How do you view Jaso's defensive skills? I've read some negative comments online, but those same people call him a switch hitter. They obviously can't know that much about him.

Thank you

Stacy Long said...

He's OK, but it's not like I know what I'm talking about either. My general impression is that Matt Spring is much better defensively, though there's no comparison on offense. Jaso did have a throwing error Thursday and there was a wild pitch that I felt could have been prevented.

This isn't evidence solely against Jaso, but opponents are 128-of-171 on steals this year against the Biscuits. That's a 75 percent success rate.