Friday, August 03, 2007

League announces '08 schedule

The Montgomery Biscuits will start and finish at home in 2008, according to the Southern League schedule released today.

Montgomery and Mobile are splitting two series, apparently so the NCAA Division II baseball tournament can be at Riverwalk. The split series will cost the Biscuits one of the usually very profitable Saturday nights. The Division II tournament runs May 24-31.

The Biscuits won't host the Mississippi Braves until the second half of the season -- and then they'll be here for 10 games within a 2 1/2-week period.

Only one trip to Jacksonville and that's in mid-August and one trip to Mississippi and that's in May, but three full series in Birmingham. Also three trips to Mobile because of those split series.

Each North Division team comes to Riverwalk once, except for the Tennessee Smokies, who will make two trips. The Biscuits will go to Tennessee and West Tenn twice, though one trip to West Tenn is for a four-game series.

Of course, the schedule is subject to change.

3-7 Chattanooga
8 off
9-13 at Carolina
14-18 at Tennessee
19-23 Jacksonville
24-28 at Birmingham
29 off
30 Huntsville

1-4 Huntsville
5-9 Birmingham
10-14 at Mississippi
15-19 Tennessee -- AHSAA baseball finals are May 13-17
20 off
21-22 Mobile (two-game series)
23-25 at Mobile (three-game series) -- NCAA Division II starts May 24
26-30 at Chattanooga
31 Carolina -- NCAA Division II championship is May 31

1-4 Carolina
5-9 at Birmingham
10 off
11-13 Mobile (three-game series)
14-15 at Mobile (two-game series)
16 off -- end of first half
17-22 Mississippi (six-game series)
23 off
24-29 at Mobile (six-game series)
30 Mississippi

1-3 Mississippi (finishing four-game series)
4-7 at West Tenn (four-game series)
8-12 Mobile
13-15 All-Star break (All-Star Game July 14 at Carolina)
16-20 Birmingham
21 off
22-26 at Tennessee
27-31 at Huntsville

1-5 West Tenn
6-10 at Birmingham
11 off
12-16 at Jacksonville
17 off
18-22 Tennessee
23-27 at West Tenn
28-Sept. 1 Jacksonville


Bubba-36109 said...

Where can I get a complete copy of the 2008 schedule?

Stacy Long said...

That's the best I can do. I can't find it on the league's site.

Oh, e-mail me and I can send you the attachment that was with their release.