Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Steaming McGee

FIRST: Jake McGee doesn't look nervous tonight. I'll leave it at that.
SECOND: McGee hit 96 to finish off his first two strikeouts. That was on the Riverwalk gun, so it was at least 98. Biscuits score four off Clayton Kershaw to give McGee a lead.
THIRD: McGee strikes out the side, hitting 97 on Juan Gonzalez's third strike.
FOURTH: McGee still has an unmentionable going. He speared a Blake DeWitt comebacker and threw to first for the second out. That pitch was 96.
FIFTH: Blame me. I did use the word "unmentionable." Two outs, including a 96 mph third strike, preceeded the first hit off McGee, a bleeding single through the middle by Anthony Raglani. A.J. Ellis followed with a walk. We have McGee with 70 pitches, 45 for strikes.

SEVENTH: OK, OK, I'm falling behind since hearing that D.J. Jones signed. McGee comes out after issuing a one-out walk in the seventh. He threw 95 pitches, 57 for strikes.

McGee allowed that lone hit in the fifth, walked two and struck out seven. I don't think he was nervous tonight.

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